Company Repertoire

The company’s varied repertoire extends from anthological classics to great inspirations by young choreographers and works courtesy of foreign artists.


A dance of exaltation to fertility and fecundity explored through human relationships celebrating and perpetuating life. The forms created in Sulkary have their origin in African sculpture with elements of Afro-Cuban Dance (Yoruba and Arara) incorporated into our modern dance technique. Several companies around the world maintain Sulkary in their company repertoire. There have been several versions; among the most famous performed by the Spanish Ballet of Cuba under the direction of maestro Eddy Veitía with dancers from Cuba and Brazil. It is the most widely known piece by the Maestro Rivero, and has become a classic of modern and contemporary dance work. “The company's fusion of techniques was shown to its best advantage in the closing number, the ritualistic Sulkary, in which three women and three men enact an cryptic sacrament, simultaneously regal and savage, holy and earthy, like gods or totems come to life.” SF Weekly



The strength, vitality and artistic beauty of the carvings and sculptures in bronze and ivory from IFE and Benin, have given inspiration to this work “Okantomí” which in the Yoruba language means: with all my heart.



Life is love, passion, faith and hope, but thanks to the spiritual light that comes from within we can illuminate those who have lost it. Luz is the latest work by up and coming choreographer Eduardo Salas, the late Maestro Rivero’s protégé. It is the first piece written in honor of the Maestro’s great legacy.



Based on the festivals in the village of Lambarena celebrating the abundances in life, love and friendship. It is an ode to the time before the colonization of Lambarena village in Gabon where royalty would gather together with the people for a holiday, marriage, presentation of a princess or a great warrior..


Active Repertoire

• Sulkary • Okantomi • Suite de Blues
• Tributo • Duo a Lam • Elogio de la Danza
• Ceremonial de la Danza • Steal Away • Trio
• Lambarena • Destellos • Ave Maria
• Llanto del Espiritu • La Filo • Merenseù
• Toromata • Almas Mariposas • Hermanos
• Suite de Tango • Valhala • Witchcraft
• Unidos • Siempre Corriendo • Amor
• Un Pedazo de Tela Blanca • A pesar del Tiempo • Luz

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