Founded in September 1988, it is today one of the most prestigious dance companies in Cuba. The distinctive style of the company is fashioned by a powerful Afro-Caribbean influence on the classical styles of Modern and Contemporary dance, resulting in a truly unique flair that has given the company its fame.
The company’s works are characterised by a marked emphasis on the designs and shapes of the body found through Afro Caribbean lines of movement, which are then dramatized to create the unique afro-centric modern dance style of Danza del Caribe.
The varied repertoire extends from anthological classics such as ‘Súlkary’ and ‘Okantomí’, works by the late  Artistic Director Eduardo Rivero, to inspirations by young choreographers such as  ‘Unidos’ by  Lesme Grenot and works by international  visiting choreographers , such as ‘The Crossing’ by the late Honourable Professor Rex Nettleford , a leading Caribbean intellectual.

The vitality, virtuosity and interpretive ability of the company’s dancers who are for the most part graduates of the Vocational School of Art, harmonize to create a company that transgresses the boundaries of communication.
The members of Danza del Caribe also provide specialized technical assistance to many other companies around the world , and among other important events have participated in the founding of the National Performing of Belize (1991 and 1994), XI Iberoamerican Theatre Festival of Cadiz (Spain , 1996), International Day of Cuba - Experience ( Paris, 1998 ) , WATER EXPO World Exhibition in Zaragoza (Spain 2008),  ESTATE AL PALCO and Soul and Body in Florence (Italy 2009), Afro-Caribbean Festival in San Francisco (United States,  2013)  as well as regular Caribbean Festivals and national events in Cuba .
Danza del Caribe is also unique in having its own band of live musicians and singers, which give the company’s performances an even more powerful impact.


Today and Tomorrow...

Inspired by its founder, the Company continues to innovate with its ongoing programme of new work under the artistic direction of Barbara Ramos.  Danza Del Caribe is a platform for Cuba’s brightest talents with the performances showcasing the Cuba you have yet to see.  
In May 2014 the Company premiered Luz, by Eduardo Salas, (one of Eduardo Rivero’s star students and Principal dancer with the Company), a powerful new work which simultaneously pays homage to the Maestro and takes the company forward.

Future premieres planned include the ambitious Los Elementos, a full length work which explores the mystical world of Cuban Santeria using both live traditional and electro-acoustic musicians, video projections.
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Eduardo Rivero Walker

Founder and Artistic Director until his death in 2012.
A seminal figure in the history of Cuban dance, Eduardo Rivero was a founding member of the National Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba, with which he travelled to every continent in the world. Author of Súlkary, considered a classic piece of Cuban contemporary dance, which has been interpreted by both domestic and foreign companies. His fertile inspiration can also be accredited to works such as  Okantomí , Duo a Lam , Tribute , Elogio de la Danza, Destellos, Ceremonial de la Danza , among others , which made Rivero  one of  the most prolific creators of Cuban modern dance .

His important educational work includes the forming of companies like National Performing of Granada, Okantomí Contemporary Dance Company in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the National Performing Belize. Up until his passing he maintained commitments as a Maestro in Belize, England, Canada, Jamaica and Germany.
Rivero is considered a major representative of Cuban Culture for being a precursor, among others, of the Cuban School of Modern Dance, and the contributions he has made in both in the technical and choreographic fields.

Barbara Ramos Caballero

Barbara graduated from the Cuban National School of Art in 1989, and began her dance career in the newly founded Teatro de la Danza del Caribe, under the Artistic direction of the Maestro Eduardo Rivero Walker.
A very versatile and expressive dancer, she won the title of Prima Ballerina, and also became a highly respected teacher, receiving her title as a Maestro awarded by the Cuban Council of Arts.
She worked as Deputy Director of the School of Dance at the Performing Arts School of Santiago de Cuba up until 2003, when she began her collaborative work Movements Dance Company of Jamaica. Parallel to her teaching job at the School of Arts she taught classes, led rehearsal and choreographed new works for Danza del Caribe.
Following Maestro Rivero’s passing in 2012 she was named General and Artistic Director of Teatro de la Danza del Caribe.

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